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Mystical Manor

An eccentric professor is famous for his world travels and vast collection of amazing oddities from far-away lands. It’s even rumored that some of the artifacts possess mystical powers that can cure sadness in anyone. Many people have tried to get access to this collection with little success and some have even disappeared without a trace. 

You and your team of archeologists would do anything to obtain these treasures and decided to break into the professor’s mystical manor. You have one hour to secure the items before the professor and his staff return. Be careful while exploring as you could set off an enchantment inside the manor. 

Good luck…you’ll need it once inside Professor Whippleton’s Manor!

A Christmas Story

Welcome to Hohman, Indiana. It’s Christmas time and the Parker family is getting ready to celebrate. Ralphie has been working hard to be “good” and make sure that Santa is going to bring his desired gift – a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle. Unfortunately, his Mom, his teacher, and even Santa himself are warning that Ralphie has to be careful because he might “shoot his eye out.” 

Based on the 1983 movie, this rollicking adventure is fun for escapers any time of the year. You’ll find everything from the movie that makes this an engaging experience. You’ll also find all the things you need to unlock the secrets of the Parker household and help Ralphie live out his dreams of defeating the bad guys as Red Ryder with his trusted air rifle.


The year is 1935 and you have been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. While being processed at the maximum-security prison for a life sentence, a guard tells you that the warden has framed you and that evidence of his cover-up is still in his office. It is locked up and secure, and you’ll have one hour to break out of your cell, sneak into the warden’s office, find the evidence and present it to the guard. Good luck and be careful not to get caught by the other prison guards.