Oscar’s Playground FAQ

What if we want more than 60 minutes of arcade time? We have a variety of options for cards. You can purchase our 90-minute cards ($35 each) or you can purchase redemption cards. Redemption cards are not timed, don’t expire at the end of the day, and allow players to earn points towards prizes.

What if we don’t want to use the party space, but just have our party at Oscar’s? You are more than welcome to have your party at Oscar’s. Sometimes people want to keep their event smaller and not have so many people. We only ask that you don’t bring outside food or drink into the arcade. This is a cleaning expense for us and it is why we keep all food and drink contained in the event space.

How many people can you put into the Event space? 60 people is the maximum occupancy of the Event Room.

Do we have access to the balcony? You do have access to the balcony, but we ask that you take great care while out there. The tile can be slick if wet and everyone’s feet need to stay firmly on the ground at all times, no climbing. The management reserves the right to close the balcony at anytime for any reason.

Can we bring our own music? Certainly. We do have a HomePod in the room for music. If you want to bring in your own sound system that is fine, we just ask that you are respectful of the other patrons and surrounding businesses in terms of volume.

Can we bring outside drinks? You can bring any outside drinks. If you are bringing alcohol you need to have a permit for your beverages. We have a license that allows beer and seltzer. If you’d like to make a purchase from us to support your party, please let us know at least two weeks in advance.

Can we bring outside food? Yes. They are numerous food outlets around us, most parties are bringing in pizza.

What types of decorations do you allow?You can bring in any appropriate decorations. They can be hung on the walls and windows as long as they are taped and not tacked to the wall. Please only use Scotch tape or (blue) painter’s tape if you are attaching to our walls.

Are we the only ones allowed in the arcade during our time?No. As weekends are our busiest time, we do allow other patrons into the arcade. Keep in mind you have a three-hour window for games and a 60-minute card with one opportunity to pause the card during your visit.

Can we do an escape room and arcade for the birthday party?You certainly can. The escape room will need to be booked separately from the Arcade package. It has been our experience that doing one or the other is better. Doing both is a challenge during a three-hour window.

What are your hours?We are open seven days a week, closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Monday – Thursday we are open from 1 pm – 9 pm. Friday we are open from 1 pm – 11 pm. Saturdays we are open from 11 am – 11 pm. Sundays are from 11 am – 9 pm.

Will we be sharing the room with anyone else? The event space is not a shared space.

What if we only need another 30 minutes of game play? We only sell unlimited cards in 60 or 90-minute increments. You can either purchase an unlimited card and stay after (in the arcade) or purchase a regular redemption card.

Can we stay longer than our reserved time? Depends on the bookings for the day. If there is nobody behind your party you can stay in the space for a reasonable amount of time before you need to vacate. If there is another party you will need to move out so the space can be cleaned and sanitized before the next group.

Do you provide food and beverages? We do not. We can order snacks and beverages for your party, and we will need a two week window to place that order. 

What types of birthday packages do you offer? We offer three different birthday packages. They start at $350 and go up to $450 for 10 total guests. You can find additional details about our party packages here (insert link).

Do you offer event space rental outside of normal operating hours? Yes. For Corporate or Team meetings we do offer earlier starting times. Please direct any inquiries for this situation to Christina (christina@escaperoom831.com) or Barrie (barrie@escaperoom831.com). 

What if I want to rent the room for my team meeting? The room is available for rent for other events. The standard rental rate is $100/hour.

Is there a deposit required to make a birthday reservation? Yes, there are only four total reservation slots each weekend. For that reason we need to secure the space for those that are serious about having their party. Deposit is $100 and is non-refundable.

Is there an age limit to having a birthday party? We have had first birthday parties and 70th birthday parties. The only limit is how much fun you want to have.

Does my deposit go towards my final bill? Yes. Your deposit goes towards the final bill.

What is your cancellation policy?  Rooms can be cancelled up to two weeks out and your deposit can be returned if we can resell the room? How do we make this like the escape room? Resell it and they can get half of their money back?

When does my deposit need to be paid? Your deposit needs to be made at the time of booking.

The time I want isn’t available, what can I do? Given the limited amount of inventory we have for birthday parties it is suggested you book as early as possible to get the time you want. 

How far in advance do I need to book a reservation? It is good to look 4 – 6 weeks out for reservations.

What happens if the guest count changes? The minimum amount of cards that need to be purchased with each party package is 10. If you have more than that on the day of the event, we can add cards. 

Can I change the time/date of my party? Oscar’s Unlimited Cards expire at the end of the day. While guests can certainly take their game cards as a momento, they won’t be able to use it upon their next visit unless they load it as another Unlimited card.

Can we save the unlimited cards that aren’t used? Oscar’s Unlimited Cards expire at the end of the day. While guests can certainly take their game cards as a momento, they won’t be able to use it upon their next visit unless they load it as another Unlimited card.

Do you sell cakes? We do not sell cakes.

What if we want to stay longer than 3 hours? You should look for a date that allows you to book both times for the day.

What items are not allowed? Please do not bring excessive amounts of sticky candy that guests can leave on arcade games. This includes suckers, lollipops, hard candies, mini chocolate bars, etc…

Do you provide/manage invitations? We do not provide invitations.

How do you feel about Capri Sun or juice boxes? We generally support these products as great options for the guests. We do, however, hate the wrappers and would like to collect and send all of them to the head of that company. 🙂